Thursday, November 15, 2007

London Premiere of Loose Change Final Cut

Is highlighted over at 9-11 Blogger. Clicking to the venue's site, we discover that they managed to book the theater for a single, matinee (12:00 Noon) performance.

Like James, I'm pretty stunned at how far the Loose Change phenomenon has fallen; from a cover story on Vanity Fair in 2006 to almost no attention in 2007. Last year's elections were a major factor; when leftists could claim that the Republicans were rigging the elections, a Hail Mary pass like 9-11 "Truth" might seem worth attempting. In addition, the nutbars were all convinced that getting the Democrats in would result in a new investigation and maybe impeachment. Now that both of those options seem off the table (even Kucinich has not started his proposed hearings), the left no longer seems fertile ground for expanding the movement.

More than anything else, LCFC suffers from bad timing. As Shakespeare noted, there is a tide in the affairs of men that, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Had LCFC been available at the crest of the 9-11 "Truth" movement in September of 2006, it might have been successful at least in terms of making money. Had it been out in September of 2007, it would at least have hit the cyclical interest that peaks around the anniversary. But November seems poor timing. Here are the visits to 9-11 Blogger for the last 15 months:

Jun 120,293
Jul 149,002
Aug 239,946
Sep 322,289
Oct 308,133
Nov 196,429
Dec 200,171
Jan 183,664
Feb 200,708
Mar 265,002
Apr 319,292 (probably Rosie O'Donnell effect)
May 301,107
Jun 238,580
Jul 231,100
Aug 248,584
Sep 337,127
Oct 235,057

So you can see that in the last two years there has been a steep fall-off in readership at 9-11 Blogger following the anniversary. In 2006 it came in November and lasted through February 2007; in 2007 it came in October. We show a similar pattern in our statistics as well; a gradual increase throughout the summer, a peak in September, and then a sharp decline in October.