Saturday, November 24, 2007

Marine for 9/11 Truth and Quantum Building Collapses

The troofers always fail to explain the contradiction between their claims of 84% support, and the fact that they have difficulty getting more than a dozen people together for any of their protests. Johnny Wave, of the misleadingly titled Marines for 9/11 Truth, at least has a bit of honesty in this radio interview, where he admits he is the only one, right after he brags about being a high school dropout. From 12 minutes in:

I need someone out next to me. I need some help. Servicemembers aren't putting on me. No, I am the only servicemember in the United States of America getting out there for 9/11 truth. I need some help, and I am asking for help right now! And if you are not giving it to me, stop e-mailing me.

A poor lonely individual....

Richard Gage from Achitects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth comes on later in the show, obviously enjoying his new-found cult celebrity. As anyone who listened to his recent debate knows, he is a true believer in the magic of thermite. Anytime he needs thermite to be an explosive, it is the world's most powerful one, anytime he needs it to be an incendiary, it is 3000 degrees and completely silent. Kind of like quantum mechanics applied to building collapses. It can be in multiple states of reality at once. From the 33 minute mark:

Guess what, we are not arguing with structural engineers what fire can and cannot do to steel. It is irrelevant. What we stick with is the evidence for controlled demolition. It's a completely different subject. What jet fuel can do to a building is irrelevant. By the way it can't do anything to a building that a normal office fire can do, but you don't even have to go there. Just talk about the beams being hurled laterally at 55 miles per hour out of the building, with their... impacting other buildings 500 feet away, their ends dripping with molten metal, having been cut to perfect 30 foot lengths.

Oh really, so the thermite cut the beams to a perfect 30 foot lengths, and then they remained there suspended in space until huge explosive charges shot them out sideways? What a dastardly plan!

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