Monday, November 05, 2007

Moron the Final Cut

A review of the screening in London is over at Rinf:

Saturday, 3rd November, 2007, saw the British preview screening of the much anticipated 9/11 truth blockbuster, ‘Loose Change Final Cut’.

Before the screening began, Tim Sparke, executive producer of Loose Change 3, gave us a brief thank you and intro, he welcomed us by saying: “By the end of this, you’re going to be knackered!”.

Hmmm, according to, knackered is British slang for very tired, exhausted. The "knacker" used to be the term for the man you sold your old, worn-out horse to, who presumably made it into glue or whatever they do with old horses.

He clearly stated that all sources in the film were taken from mainstream media, which makes it all the more unbelievable that the propitiators are able to get away with such a crime. When asked how much the film cost to produce, he said “close to $1 million dollars”, but added “we could have made it more cinematic”.

Was it only a couple months ago that Dylan was snorting at Sofia's claim to have spent $125,000 on 9-11 Mysteries?

The review does go through a general outline of the film, which is greatly appreciated. Mostly it's what we would expect, although I did blink at this:

Lastly the national debt is covered and how it has dramatically increased for no apparent reason.

You mean, aside from the fact that the government is spending more while simultaneously cutting taxes?

Update: Here's the trailer in YouTube format if you had trouble like I did watching it at Stage 6:

Looks pretty LIHOP to me. I like the sound of one person clapping at the end; very appropriate.