Friday, November 23, 2007

The Most Inept Troofer Gets on Rush Limbaugh

This is hilarious. Somebody named Moe from Columbus, Ohio, gets on the Rush Limbaugh program and proceeds to educate Rush on the real facts about 9-11:

CALLER: All right. Well, listen to me. You're quick to play sound bites on the Democrats and all the dumb stuff they say and done. I'm not knocking that. But you have not one time played anything on Condoleezza's court trial, when she was brought up on charges for not letting the American people know about the 9/11 incident. She was warned six months, three months, and three weeks before it happened. Before you cut me off. Now, the funny part is, you're quick to say that the Republicans didn't know about it. Well, two weeks before they went down, Cheney bought insurance on the World Trade Center. Now, him being in the circle that he was in, you think Bush didn't buy insurance on it? You think Condoleezza didn't buy insurance on it? You got all these people out here thinking that the Democrats are the bad ones, while you guys are the ones who -- I'm not saying you, but Bush and them are the ones who didn't let anybody know. Now, if they'd have told some people that there is a possibility that these planes were going to be hijacked and rammed into buildings, do you think they would have flown? Do you think they would have flown? They couldn't tell them, because this is the reason why we got to go to war. Now, don't say (unintelligible) but we're gonna get insurance on it. We're going to get insurance on the buildings just in case they happen to go down. So when you say that they didn't know about it, dude, they knew about it. They knew about it six months before it happened. When she was on trial, that guy that was -- again, whoever it was, the prosecutor socked it to her. He read back the memo she had on her desk. He asked her, "What part is not important enough to alert the American people?"

Rush, of course, may not know specifics about Trooferism, but he quickly spots the two gaping flaws in the claims:

RUSH: How could a private citizen buy insurance on buildings owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York City and New York State?

(Note: Silverstein did not own the buildings; he had a lease to operate them, so Rush is technically right here, although I'm sure he doesn't know the details.)

RUSH: Condoleezza's never been in a court trial.

After Moe gets off, Rush does a humorous bit about what awaits Moe now that he's spilled the beans on Cheney's insurance scam:

RUSH: Moe, one more thing. Since you've blown the whistle on this whole insurance scam of Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, I may as well tell you something else that you may not know, since you've blown this up and everybody now knows about it. You, sir, Moe, are a candidate for waterboarding. I understand that Cheney has expanded it to domestic threats, and you, Moe, have definitely qualified. Now, you constitute a domestic threat with your inability to keep secrets. Nobody will be interested in how you found out about it, Moe. Well, they will be, actually. That's where the waterboarding comes in. The only people happy about this, Moe, are the insurance companies, since you've blown the whistle on Condi's scam. They're not going to have to pay her the $5 billion in insurance she took out on the World Trade Center. Maybe not Cheney, either. So, Moe, you have caused a lot of people to lose (perhaps, maybe) a lot of money here. Some people just don't know when to shut up. I tried! I did everything I could, but he wouldn't listen, and since we don't cut people off...

Hilariously the guy who posted this over at 9-11 Blogger reads that as "threatening" the idiot Troofer.

Rush then gets into some spot-on analysis:

If they really believed this stuff -- what they're saying is, if it were true -- action is required. If the government in fact blew up the World Trade Centers, for whatever reason, if they actually did it, if these people actually believe that the administration is spying on them and monitoring their phone calls, if they actually think that Bush lied about everything to go into Iraq, don't you think that there would be far more public demands and protests in the streets on the part of these people for redress and to stop it? These are really, really serious allegations, and I don't think they believe it. I think that they are just deranged. I think that they need something to give their lives meaning.

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