Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paul Isaac's Theory

Those of you who've been around for awhile may remember Paul as the auxiliary fireman who got into a verbal fracas with Jason Bermas on 9-11-06. We cheered his pointing out that it was disrespectful for the conspiracy nuts to be there on the fifth anniversary with so many mourning family members.

It wasn't until later that we found out that Paul is a conspiracy theorist himself, but we still appreciate his support for the families in their time of pain. For awhile he was a member of the JREF Forum, but I seem to remember that he got bounced for violating the terms of service.

At any rate, Paul has his own, rather interesting theory:

The brochure cover below from a city publication prior to 2000 shows a strange looking shadow on the north face of Tower 1 coming from 250 Broadway which stood next to WTC7. Paul noticed this strange shadow, pointing out that the sun could not have caused this due to the direction of its path. Why would an official city document have this oddity? Could this signify something ominous? Could this shadow be pointing towards the Keyspan Tanks? Note the yellow line in the image below. These are questions Paul is calling to our attention.

I think the two tanks are the ones that were mentioned in at least one of the versions of Loose Change. But aside from that, I don't have a clue as to what Paul thinks he's discovered.