Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ron Paul: Dancing With the Troofers

As others have pointed out, Ron Paul was on Alex Jones' radio show yesterday, trying to pick up the support of those who hold his paranoid economic and political views, without endorsing the conspiracy theories outright. This little bit caught my attention.

Paul: A lot of people’s standard of living is going down. Seventy-five percent of the American people say they are now having economic problems, and yet our government keeps telling us there are no problems, no inflation, everyone is employed and yet the people are hurting and it is mainly because their purchasing power is being lost. It is the dollar value that is really the big issue.

Jones: Are you worried about this triggering a credit crisis in credit cards and then maybe even the derivatives.

Paul: You know, I think so, I think maybe that is the vulnerability. You have economic chaos, then you have political chaos and then once again, if you have a 9/11 incident or something like that, they use that to do the things that they had planned all along. So if we have more economic chaos there will be individuals who say, well we need more government, not less government. That is our greatest threat.

I have no idea where is he coming up with the 75% number, probably the usual CT cherry picking. The rest sounds like he has been watching Terrorstorm though.

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