Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ron Paul on the Afghanistan Oil Pipelines

We have discussed before how Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul courts the truthers' support, while at the same time saying he does not support their core beliefs. In this note I found this interview, although a year old I just ran across it, rather interesting.

JW: What about Afghanistan? Would you continue the operations there?

RP: No, I would come home, unless there was specific knowledge of where Osama bin Laden was. Then I send out just a small team of people to take care of him. I would not maintain the occupation of Afghanistan. That was mainly motivated by oil pipelines and some other things that are never discussed.

JW: Could you elaborate a little bit how oil pipelines were the motivation for going into Afghanistan?

RP: It's been known that certain oil companies were anxious for many, many years to be able to transverse Afghanistan to move natural gas. And that effort is still alive and well. Too often, whether it's a pipeline in Afghanistan or control of oil wells in Iraq, oil and economics motivates our national policy much more so than national security.

At least he doesn't make the truther claim that they are already built, but I never have got this whole pipeline argument. If the invasion of Afghanistan was to get pipelines, then why, even 6 years later the US government is doing absolutely nothing to get them built. What the hell are they waiting for?