Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sander Hicks and Rudy Giuliani

Sander got the boot from a Giuliani appearance in Colorado.

Giuliani moved slowly through a crowd outside Loveland Coffee Co., shaking hands with potential voters, when Sander Hicks, who said he was a reporter for a newspaper based in Brooklyn, N.Y., tried to ask a question.

He said, "On 9-11, when you-" and was cut off by boos. Giuliani laughed and smiled, moving through the crowd and saying little.

Hicks tried again, but to no avail. Then Giuliani stopped to say hello to Tom Buchalski, a Loveland resident and Bergen County, N.J., native, who opened his jacket so Giuliani could sign his T-shirt. It had a photo of lower Manhattan and it said "Tribute in Light 2002," commemorating the first anniversary of the attack that destroyed the World Trade Center. Giuliani signed his name to the shirt.

Video of the event is here. It looks like there was a sprinkling of Troofers throughout the crowd, somewhat like the Bill Maher hecklivism.

Hicks appears to be trying to resuscitate the claim that Rudy knew the Towers were going to collapse in advance. This is another one of those "mysteries" that only the kooks point to; as I have pointed out numerous times, EMS Battalion Chief John Peruggia was warned by a NYC building engineer at 9:58 AM that the North Tower was in imminent danger of collapse. Presumably either Peruggia or the building engineer proceeded to warn the Mayor. Unfortunately Giuliani has compounded the problem by denying that he had any advance knowledge, perhaps because the kooks generally frame it that he had plenty of warning, when in fact even the famed clip with Peter Jennings makes clear that he was told almost at the instant that the South Tower collapsed.

Note as well the protester screaming about the evidence being shipped off before it could be examined. I found a moderate debunking of this nonsense as well, in an unusual location. Among the board members of the FealGood Foundation is Alan Forcier, whose bio notes:

Alan Forcier, from Kings Park NY, is 47 years old and is a former NYPD undercover narcotics detective. He now lives in Nesconset and is the father of Ryan and Jessica. Alan spent seven months at the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island where he searched and collected evidence during the WTC recovery operation.

Later: I love Sander's explanation that he was not pushing them, he was doing a delicate little dance....

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