Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Sixth Hijacker

I noticed this video over at 9/11 Blogger in which John Judge (the guy who says there are anti-aircraft missiles at the Pentagon based on what his dad told him in the 1950s) introduces a flight attendant who worked for American Airlines during the 9/11 period. Based on her friendship with Mr. Judge and her JFK conspiracy hobby, it appears she is a bit of a conspiracy theorist herself, but I don't see her catching on much in the community, because she angrily insists that flight 77 did hit the Pentagon, based on her personal knowledge of the bodies of friends that were found there.

In any case her conspiracy theory side comes out when she talks about her friend Renee May, who was a flight attendant on board flight 77, and her phone call to her mother. During the phone call she described 6 hijackers, rather than 5, and since it was unlikely she would make a mistake, there must be some secret sixth hijacker whose identity will blow the whole lid off of this. I don't get the point of this, since the last I heard there weren't supposed to be any hijackers! Make up your mind already. Ironically, while talking about the flight United 175, she refers to it as United 173, which also must have some secret and nefarious meaning, because obviously as she just explained, people do not get numbers mixed up.

Judge incidentally is also pretty screwy. In addition to the missiles claim, he says that flight 77 made an impossible maneuver, and circled around the Pentagon to hit if from another side. Not true, it was always on the west side. He also claims that very few Pentagon workers were killed, that it was mostly construction workers. A quick list of the victims, will show that is not true. Usually the troofers claim it was mostly accountants (those who were allegedly trying to find the missing trillions) who were killed. I wish these idiots would at least take the time to find out about the people they supposedly care so much about.