Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

Now I was never buying into the Loose Change: The Final Insult hype that the Louder Than Words boys were putting out, what with 3,000 screens and a $20 million marketing budget and all, but I was expecting at least a little something. I mean, come on, when you are hyping a movie in Hustler it has got to mean something, right? I thought there would be a little PR to review, and maybe Pat or I would have to do an interview with some media source covering this "controversial" new... err... old movie.

Thus far it has been stunningly anti-climatic though. Not only does the movie present nothing new, in fact it has been so watered down that it is even less revelationary than the first three versions, but it has caused so little of a ripple in the world of popular culture as to be completely ignored. A search of Google News shows that with the exception of Prison Planet, the site owned by Executive Producer Alex Jones, a grand total of 1 news site marked the release of the movie, the Twin Cities Planet, discussing the single US theater appearance of the movie, which Pat mentioned below.

And it is not just fizzling out in the general media, even the Loosers have been less than ecstatic. A poll on the Loose Change Forum, a self selected audience where anyone but the most fervent supporters are immediately banned, shows that to this point only 42% of members "loved the movie". Or to use Truther poll math, even 58% of the most fervent Loose Change fans did not think the movie was that great.