Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tarpley Wows Them In Merry Olde England

Our buddies at 9-11 Cultwatch were at a London appearance where he apparently hawked the fourth version of Synthetic Terror and provided thrilling insights:

Whilst most people associate the 1999 US attack on Serbia with Bill Clinton, to WGT this was ordered by Al Gore, to impress Prince Charles! What next - was the US invasion of Grenada an attempt to impress Prince Edward? Moving forward, he stated that the 2004 train bomb attacks in Madrid were carried out by NATO intelligence, to allow the 'neo-fascist" Aznar the opportunity to install himself as dictator. No evidence for this was cited, but then again the reader should not be expecting any by now.

Terrific post, highly recommended!

Update: In the comments on that post, Paul notes that several of London's big hitters were noticeably absent from Websterpalooza; I speculated that perhaps it was due to the Kennebunkport Bunk. Jenny over at 9-11 Blogger begs for a link to some stuff she's been posting over at the UK Indymedia site, but then plays coy when I ask for a URL, apparently believing as usual that I came across the 9-11 Cultwatch post by shadowing her every move. In fact, I came across the post virtue of Dylan Unsavory in our comments section. Whatsamatter, Jen? Chip Berlet not paying you enough to make my life easier?

Update II: Fun is fun, but I don't want to smear Chip by associating him with Col. Jenny Sparks.