Monday, November 12, 2007

The Troofer Wars Continue

I'm putting a yellow light on this story right from the word go, but I did feel it was interesting enough and hit on several areas that we have covered in the past.

I was pretty much unaware of Luke Rudkowski until I watched some of Dylan's vanity videos about the weekend of 9-11-06. He was front and center with the Loosers in the famed restaurant scene where Alex Jones harasses the military personnel until they leave, but still I figured he was just one of Dylan's buddies from Oneonta. But then there was a video of Luke introducing one of the first responders at a rally the night before the anniversary, and Luke absolutely got a rockstar reception from the crowd.

Early this year Luke and Tom Foti took on Les Jamieson over Les' Urantia ties. Nico Haupt had pointed Jamieson's ties to the Urantia group in comments on the blog and I was startled to learn that there was really something to his claims. The upshot was that Les booted Foti and Rudkowski from the NY Truther group. Luke's "We Are Change" group has been wildly successful with their "hecklivism" campaigns in terms of getting visibility, to the point where Alex Jones is providing at least some financial support for the group. Branches have popped up in several places.

Nico gained a lot of credibility with me on this topic. As I have consistently explained and some have refused to acknowledge, I don't agree with him on the "No-Planer" stuff. It's crazy, but no crazier than a lot of the "mainstream" 9-11 Troof stuff, like No Plane at the Pentagon or that Flight 11 did not hit the North Tower or Flight 175 did not hit the South Tower, arguments that are hinted at even in LCLIHOP. I find all those arguments equally incomprehensible.

But Nico does have an almost unparalleled knowledge of the people in the 9-11 "Truth" Movement. He was there from the beginning. So when he tells me something is happening I have to listen, especially regarding the New York group.

All of which is prelude to linking this post where Nico indicates that possibly Luke is getting eased out of his leadership position at We Are Change in favor of Mike Knarr.

Again, it seems hard for me to imagine, but we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. We know that the 9-11-07 festivities turned out to be something of a fiasco, with most of the big (and older) names at Jamieson's group, and the Junior Blackshirts at the WAC group, both of which suffered from below-expected attendance.

And to tie this to the Webster Tarpley/Truth Action wars, the guy who Nico claims may be running the show at WAC, Mike Knarr, first caught our attention when he did the first hecklivism of Alan Colmes. And when he did, want to guess to whom the video was dedicated?