Saturday, November 17, 2007

Who Are the 20% Who Will Live?

I got to wondering that this afternoon as I listened to Alex Jones and Steve Quayle on Alex's show (MP3) from yesterday. The segment begins about 90 minutes into the MP3. Alex claims that most of the callers to a show that he was on agreed with him about everything except the killing of 80% of the planet that he claims in Endgame. And they disagreed with him not on whether the elites are planning that, they thought it was a good idea.

Steve does break a news story. Apparently billionaires and hundred-millionaires are fleeing the country because they know that they are not on the inside. Which kind of surprises me; I figured those guys had to be in on the whole New World Order thing. This is a pretty exclusive club if those guys can't get in.

They even get into weirder stuff; sex with robots, whether clones will have souls (the old Frankenstein question). Apparently the whole idea of killing off 80% of humanity is not Peak Oil, it's a blood sacrifice required to bring Lucifer into the world.

BTW, the site that has the Alex Jones MP3s also has Loose Change Final Cut. No warranties as to whether it's real, but this site usually has the goods.

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