Thursday, December 27, 2007

And Now It's 100 Papers Published

James pointed a few months ago to the fact that Professor Jones was trumpeting 70 papers published in his vanity publication; now the century mark has been reached. Of course, we all know that the actual number of papers published is 43 (it even says that at the top of their webpage), and the only way they get to 100 is by including letters.

And even the 43 number is pretty dubious before we get into the quality of those papers. The first issue included the notorious "Elephant Plane" paper, which turned out to be a thorough fiasco, debunked within JONES itself by a letter. Several papers have been dedicated to debunking the "No Planes" theories, and the laser beam from space crowd. Another took the unremarkable stance that the fires weren't hot enough to melt steel, something even Rosie O'Donnell knows.

The paper that put them over the 100 mark is particularly minimalist. Although Dr. Jones describes it as "concise and packs a punch in just three pages", in fact it's about a page and a half, contains no calculations, and basically concludes that as the steel sagged, it should have gotten stronger.

Heckuva a job you're doing there, Jonesy!

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