Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just How Out Of It Is Ron Paul?

The "Only Man Who Can Save America" as I believe it is termed, is on Glenn Beck's show being asked about his nutjob followers. Glenn Beck of course is right at the top of the troofer hit list for his previous program with Michael Shermer and James Meigs. The troofers are not going to be happy with this clip though, although not so much for Beck, as for Ron Paul, as he unequivocally states that he does not believe in the tenents of the 9/11 conspiracy theories such as no plane hitting the Pentagon or remote control planes. I can't really endorse his response though, because bizarrely, he claims that he was not even aware of being supported by wacko conspiracy theorists. When asked about the Pentagon being hit by a missile or remote controlled planes, he claimed that he had "never even heard of these challenges before".

WHAT? Hello, how many times have you been on Alex Jones' radio program? Have you even paid attention to who Alex Jones is? Not to mention that these are hardly the only fringe elements that he hangs out with. As I pointed out previously he has been the main speaker at event like those run by the Freedom Law School, which is on the watchlist for extremist organizations by the ADL, and is frequented by all sorts of fringe types such as tax resisters, anti-Semites, and conspiracy theorists.

So the man is either lying, or he is completely clueless about a social movement that is fairly widely known in the country as a whole, and that is rampant among his followers. Do you want this man running the country?