Thursday, December 20, 2007

National Treasure

Jon Voight is most definitely not a "Truther":

Of course, the film's potential scenario provides a feast for conspiracy theorists. But while some of the unsolved mysteries in the history of our country can't be denied, don't expect Voight to buy into any arguments about who may have killed John F. Kennedy other than Lee Harvey Oswald.

As for any conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, don't get him started.

"The conspiracy theories about 9/11 are not only coming from addle-minded people, they are coming from sick-minded people who are anti-American," Voight said. "Who knows why? Most of the people who are party to that stuff are people who have been abused somewhere in their lives and are striking out at their parent figures -- the government being the great parent, in a sense."

Two thumbs up!

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