Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rochester Report

Our commenter Patrick was present for a screening of Loose Change Final Cut and for the apres-film beverages, and gives us the following report in the comments on the last post, which is good enough to pull out to the front page:

My God, what a fun night with the Troofers in Rochester. Dylan and Korey showed up; I stuck with (or, near) them and their local crew the whole night, including the bar afterwards.

Believe me, these freaks are worse than you could ever imagine. (And actually, not to say that about Dylan and Korey; I have to admit they seemed like affable fellows).

I'll post more later, but just some random thoughts ...

After the movie, outside, I passed out a rather innocuous leaflet, just suggesting that people read this blog and and At the top of the leaflet, I typed the link to Mark Robert's PDF of Loose Change Creators Speak.

I was actually in a rush to do this. I printed it out on my computer; made it half a page to save on waste. I went to Kinko's, copied it, made some really bad cuts with their splicer or whatever the hell that is; in the end, it looked like a completely unprofessional job.

For this, throughout the whole night, I was branded a Secret Service spy.

I haven't been photographed like that since high school athletics and my sister's wedding. At the bar, some ass was waiting in his car, engine running, for my trip outside for my occasional cigarette break. He was photographing me from his car. What a waste of both fossil fuels and human DNA.

Back in the bar, I was getting more than the occasional stare and more than the occasional cell phone grab.

Wait not to mention - I intended to leave after one beer. One of the douchebags seriously stalked me. I double-backed twice, finally confronting him (although I had no intention of doing so). He accused me of having a gun and asked me if I had all the proper licenses and registrations for that gun. He had his hands in his pockets, and I was (hate to admit it) seriously scared of what that nutjob might do, so I ran back into the bar.

At the bar, I met Squeaky Fromme incarnate - apparently the person who organized the Loose Change showing (her name, I was told by the bouncer, is Wendy). During the time prior to her creating physical space discomfort (I'm sure that she, like Squeaky, knows how to do this), I thought, "No, she's not getting into a staring contest with me, that can't be true, I'm making that up," but, no, she wanted a staring contest, had the bartender take some pics of me with her camera and later confronted me with "So what are you doing here".

Now, normally, if a woman said "So what are you doing here" at a bar, I would be flattered, perhaps intrigued. But her words were vapid, empty, disturbing. And hurtful, at least as to how Human Being 1 should be treating Human Being 2. And she kept going, disturbing me with her emptiness and loneliness.

Anyway, after some more fun events, I took a cab home, having become officially cab-drunk and going-back-to-my-car-paranoid.

But ... to leave you with two other highlights.

At the Q&A session after the showing, a gentlemen said something like, "Could you recommend resources that link the Israelis and the Mossad with 911?" I instantly heard the paraphrase - "Could you tell me how to blame 911 on the Jews?" I screamed "HEINRICH HIMMLER". Very funny moment, for me and about 15-20% of the crowd.

And I was struck by the fact that Korey promised that after lawyer fees (I'm a lawyer, I understand), ALL of the money that they were making would go to the 911 truth movement (whatever that means) and first responders (we can verify what that means). Prior to that - during the movie - I saw a big jar with a sticker that said all proceeds go to first responders (and some cash in that jar). Also, this was billed by the theater as a "benefit." So ... was this a charity event? Are all of their events charity events? I knew that, during the Q&A, I would get one question. So I asked if they were properly registered as charity solicitors with the State of New York. He tried to say that they were an LLC (so what) and then that they were a 501(c)(3) (which would be a lie), but then had to admit that they weren't registered as parties allowed to solicit contributions for a charity.

Like, I said, I'm an attorney. But then, very minor. Sounds like a job for the Attorney General!

Sounds very much like they are doing everything by the seat of their pants.

Great job, Patrick!

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