Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Call to Action

Dylan Avery posts on his Myspace page calling his minions to action. Apparently he thinks his movie in undebunkable.

With that being said, we could not be more proud of how the project turned out. We have a solid two hours of information that is extremely difficult to dispute. Our debunkers and skeptics have! been virtually silent. The mainstream media has refused to cover it. Their only responses have been, "It's boring" or, "It's too long," instead of actually addressing the information within.

OK, well to say we have been virtually silent is a bit of an overstatement, we have had several posts on the movie, far more than the Loosers have ever written or said disputing the hundreds of errors which have been pointed out in their films. And while I do believe I have said the movie was boring, I never gave this as a reason for not going into the movie more in-depth, the main reason is that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW OF SIGNIFICANCE IN YOUR 4TH VERSION OF THE SAME MOVIE. Pat and I may get around to writing something more comphrensive at some point, but for now I see no reason to bother given that everything in your movie has already been addressed. Of course, because it is so freaking boring and repetitive, I don't doubt that some in the media have used this as an excuse. Hey, it could have been worse, they could have just been honest and told you that your movie sucks.

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