Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Warned Him He Would Get Dirty...

I posted earlier regarding author Steve Alten's claim of being harassed, and pointed out that he was not being harassed by those in opposition to the truther movement, but by members of the movement themselves. At first I kind of felt sorry for him, but then I realized that he brought this whole thing upon himself, and besides, it is just too funny to watch others accuse him of being some sort of government agent, while he accuses them of the exact same thing, while neither seems to realize the irony.

I am a mainstream author who now believes that Bush and Cheney let/made it succeed. I have read Michael C. Ruppert's incredible book and continue to research the truth sites. Am I a truther? YES. At the ame time, I have come to learn that there is a 9/11 front that is well-funded and targets the real truthers. These groups are paid to create chaos within the movement, discrediting individuals and organizations...AND ALL OF US MUST STAND AGAINST THEM!

Read The SHELL GAME. I promise that if you are a real truther, you will LOVE the book, and if you like pageturners, you will LOVE the book. Then help us spread the word about te book...because MAINSTREAM FICTION can influence mainstream readers in ways that picket signs and rallies will never achieve.

Finally, do not allow anti-9/11 truthers like this Amanda to attack thoe of us who are to carry teh message above the radar or the movement will wilter. WE CAN MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES!

Steve Alten

I couldn't make up this stuff if I tried.

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