Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is Korey Rowe Still a Deserter?

We haven't heard much on this lately, so I was surprised to hear this bit on the Jeff Farias show from the 15th.

Farias: Hey one more thing, on a more personal note. A few months ago we were getting reports that the military was going after Korey Rowe, trying to get him, saying that he was being called back in, stop loss, whatever. What's his status, what's going on with his case?

Bermas: Well I really can't comment on what Korey's case is, I just hope that it is hurried along, and that we can find a resolution to it. Korey is a veteran, he served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and I really don't think it is fair that they are trying to send him back to the Middle East.

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