Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jason Bermas on the Bin Ladens

The Three Stooges have been rather quiet lately, but I came across this recent interview of Jason Bermas by the Ireland chapter of We Are Idiots. In it Jason rehashes the same old stories about his glory days working at a pizza parlor, before going back into his conspiracy theories. Once again he faces the Osama Paradox, where Osama is a CIA shill, yet the CIA had to get someone who looks nothing like Osama to make a confession video. Then Bermas lets loose this unbelievable bit of idiocy.

For instance, bin Laden is accused of the 98 bombings, alright? Who gets the contract to reconstruct the Cole? Bin Laden Construction does.

Huh? Bin Laden Construction is the largest construction firm in Saudi Arabia, but they are a construction company, they build roads, airports and such. Incidently, they probably have 100 times more structural engineers than the truth movement. In any case they are not a shipyard. The Cole, which was bombed in 2000, and had no direct connection to the 1998 embassy bombings (well, other than the fact that Al Qaeda did both) was repaired in a shipyard in Passagoula, Mississippi.

Bermas then goes on to announce that they have sold a couple thousand streams, maybe 3,000 and the movie cost nearly a quarter of a million to make. At $7 a download, that means they should break even sometime in the next two to three years, if they can keep this up.

At the very end he then proclaims that Dylan is making some changes to the Loose Change Final Cut (uhh, if you are recutting it, shouldn't you change the name?) and that he is making a movie on the New World Order. Oh joy, welcome to the Alex Jones' fan club.

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