Monday, January 07, 2008

The Kooks Who Are Too Kooky for the Kooks

First up, the CIT nutbars:

I know I can't wait for February to arrive, to see yet more evidence of "North of the Citgo."

On deck is numerologist and fruitcake, Captain Eric May:

"If we don't find our way back to the Constitution soon we are in real real trouble. With that being said, we are facing things our founding fathers could have never ever imagined. Even 7/27 I don't think they could have imagined at the time." -- Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

Note in the paragraph above that Beck used the date "7/27" in a place where he probably meant to say "9/11." At the time he was turning the interview to the topic of Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy and trying to rationalize post-9/11 US interventionism. So what on earth is the significance of 7/27, and what did it have to do with 9/11? I invite the objective reader to think long and hard about that question -- then to admit that no good answer comes to mind.

Yes, I admit it. Unless of course, Beck meant 7/7, the date of the attacks on the London Tubes. But of course, Captain May is talking about 7/27/05, when his diligent warnings prevented a nuclear attack on Houston. Seriously.

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