Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paranoids for 9/11 Truth

Bill Douglas, the guy who has been annoying the other troofers for his repetitive shilling of the Shell Game, has some rather, uhh... interesting stories to tell of his 9/11 truth heroics at Op Ed News:

The strange events began when I was up sending out emails at about 4 am one night, and I got this email from someone who claimed to be from the NSA and warned me, “We are watching what you are doing . . .” followed by a threat. I sluffed it off as a crank, but it felt creepy anyway. Then the next day the creepy factor went into overdrive.

Outside my home office window, which faced a quiet residential street ONLY used by people who lived in my neighborhood normally . . . a black SUV pulled up and parked on my house’s side of the street. It had heavily smoked black windows. No one ever parked here unless they were coming to my house, or the house across the street, or were lost and looking at map. It’s a very quiet street. A man about 6 feet 5 inches or so, got out wearing black pants and a black t-shirt. This guy was a wall of solid muscle, wearing black wrap around sun glasses. Stretched across his muscled torso on his black shirt was the word in bright yellow letters, “SECURITY.”

This guy got out of his SUV, walked around it to stand on the edge of my lawn, and simply stood there staring in at me through the large ceiling to floor window my computer desk faced. He stood there staring directly into my window for about 3 or 4 minutes . . . and then he left. Later that same afternoon, an Army truck drove by filled with troops in the back. Again this is a quiet little residential street. This extra activity was way beyond bizarre.

Since when did NSA operatives wear black t-shirts with the word "security" written on the front? Sounds more like he was visited by Snoop Dogg's entourage. Fashizzle.