Thursday, January 03, 2008

What Exactly is the Record?

A post over at 911 Blogger bears the headline, "Loose Change Final Cut - UK Theatrical Screenings Attracting Record Numbers" with an explanation that the film is headed to more theaters:

The relentless march of 9/11 Truth gathers pace in England as Picture Houses UK books Loose Change Final Cut for more theaters.

Marc Allenby Head of Marketing for Picture Houses UK said today 'When we were first offered Loose Change Final Cut we were skeptical about its appeal to mainstream British cinema patrons. The films subsequent success in the UK has exceeded our expectations. Our partner cinema's are booking Loose Change Final Cut for wider release in 2008'.

What exactly is the record though? The link to theaters lists a total of one showing each, at 5 theaters over a month long period. Now compared to the total of 3 theater showings they have arranged in the United States, this is relatively impressive, but hardly a record.

Incidently the blog post lists us as a tag, but never mentions us otherwise.