Monday, January 21, 2008

When Troofers Annoy

I went and saw Dr. Michael Shermer at a booksigning tonight, for his new work on biology and economics, The Mind of the Markets. The speech was rather interesting, being rather interested in economics myself. Shermer seems likes a rather big Adam Smith fan (go invisible hand) and I picked up a signed copy myself.

Based on the fact that he has spoken quite vocally against the troofers, I was expecting them to interrupt his event yet again, so I brought my camera. Sorry for the shoddy camera work, I was just sitting in the audience. This isn't everything they did, since I didn't keep the camera running, and had no idea when they would start to rant. Amazingly this is the first YouTube video I have ever done, so I hope it looks OK. My editing leaves a bit to be desired, especially at the end where it looks like my blog is "". Well, in Portland that might actually be rather popular.