Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Sacred List Nonsense

It never ends:

In fact, as many as nine 'hijackers' survived 911. Nevertheless, a pro-'official conspiracy' web site has posted what it calls "official manifest images" in which all alledged hijackers are listed in place on the flights in question. The very name of the page is misleading: 'official manifest images". The list provided in fancy graphics is represented as 'official' but it is most certainly not official. The names represented on the graphic do not and have never represented the 'official flight manifests' that were released to Dr. Ted Olmsted as a result of his FOIA request.

I honestly have to wonder at these people. Do they really believe that "nine" of the hijackers are alive? Does that make any sense at all? Wouldn't all of them be alive or none? Do they really believe that the evil gubbermint behind all this would be so stupid as to send out a passenger manifest without the hijackers included?

He goes on to the "autopsy" list at the Pentagon; no hijackers listed there. But there were bits of DNA found from five additional people; they could not be identified, but two of them were biological brothers (the al Hazmi brothers).