Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Interfere with the Profits... er... Prophets

Over the weekend I posted a review of David Ray Griffin's Contradictions book on Amazon. Why not? I know more about Griffin than just about anyone this side of Ryan Mackey. Anyway, truthers, like all religious zealots don't like it when you criticize their prophets, so I soon earned this invective in the comments demanding I recant. Yes, recant! There has got to be a good Monty Python quote in here somewhere. Or I would be reported to the Amazon powers-that-be and my review would be summarily banished to wherever it is that they banish reviews that people do not like.

Dear Mr. James B:

Your comments about David Ray Griffin's supposed dishonesty are completely unwarranted and if you come to realize this through my own comment below, it would morally oblige you to remove, or rewrite, this review. If your review containing words such as lying and dishonesty is still up by Friday morning, I will report it to amazon as abusive.

As a tribute to David Ray Griffin's exceptional honesty, yes, he did post an article concerning seat-back phones in AA 757's in which he thought he had made an earlier error, and wrote a retraction. However, this article led to subsequent new evidence
from three different sources, in which it emerged that the AA 757's did not have seat-back phones in 2001. Then he and pilot Rob Balsamo wrote a second article, which you evidently missed, referenced below:

And here I thought they were into this whole no-censorship free exchange of ideas thing. And why does that name Balsamo ring a bell? I seem to remember reading about him once...