Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Everybody's On Their Side

Commenter Greg wanted us to look at this new site by George Washington (aka Alex Floum). It's just "Patriots Question 9-11" with some of the more questionable people removed. But you know how it is, the fruitcakes interpret anybody with questions about anything from air quality to the NORAD response to supposed warnings missed, as being part of their team.

Floum starts with several of the actual 9-11 Commissioners. We get the usual quote from the Kean/Hamilton book about how the commission was set up to fail (without any acknowledgment that those men do not believe that the commission did in fact fail). Max Cleland's resignation is brought up for the dozenth time, without any recognition that Cleland's concern was that the commission was not looking into the stated reasons for the Iraq War.

Stop it. Just plain stop it. These people are, for the most part, not on your side. They may feel, as Lee Hamilton has stated, that they didn't get everything 100% correct. But that is a far cry from believing that they got it 100% wrong. Floum cites Ron Paul as supporting a new investigation; in fact what he favored in the linked video was reopening the old commission. I assume that would not satisfy the Troofers. And he specifically says he does not believe that the government did it:

The Troofers always conflate legitimate issues (like the generals who lied about when they knew about the hijacking of Flight 93) with their nutty agenda. Here's a classic example:

The head of all U.S. intelligence, the Director of National Intelligence (Mike McConnel) said "9/11 should have and could have been prevented."

But when you follow the link, what do you find?

Director of National Intelligence acknowledged that the terror attacks of Sept. 11, which he invoked to justify expanding US spy powers, "could have been prevented" under existing laws if intelligence agencies had "connected the dots" in analyzing intelligence.

The "Truthers" are like packrats, collecting anything shiny that seems to support their clamor for a new investigation, even when it's contradictory to their beliefs. Let me ask you, Alex and Greg, do you believe that 9-11 "could have been prevented under existing laws if intelligence agencies had connected the dots in analyzing intelligence"? Because if you do, you cannot believe in MIHOP. It's like the numerous warnings that the government supposedly received; how exactly do they fit the narrative that 9-11 was an inside job? Answer: They don't. At worst, if you believe the warnings were real and specific, they indicate LIHOP.

And inevitably, towards the bottom of the list, Alex sneaks in the real fruitcakes, like Bishop Bob Bowman, Walk Through Walls Albert Stubblebine, The Passengers are Living in Tahiti David L. Griscom, etc.