Monday, April 07, 2008

Get Ready For Troof Weak!

You too can help rescue Steve Alten's flagging career. From an e-mail list, sent out by Alten fanatic Bill Douglas:

The novel is a 1984-like cautionary tale that convincingly alerts mainstream readers that 9/11 was a false flag operation, perpetrated by the Bush Administration, to push us into a war in Iraq...and soon Iran! As a best-selling author, Steve Alten has the ability to bring our message to the mainstream, but he needs our support. Ten thousand copies sold during the week of April 16-22 will vault the book onto the top 10 NY Times list, which appears in the top 100 newspapers in the U.S. A top 10 best-seller carries mainstream media weight -- allowing the author to be booked onto major shows like LETTERMAN, LENO, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and THE DAILY SHOW (this is how haters like Ann Coulter get so much TV time). In our case, Steve Alten will carry our shared message.

(see Click here: YouTube - 9/11 Truth: Steve Alten On 6 ABC Philadelphia )

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Bill Douglas, activist leader