Sunday, April 06, 2008

Griffin Continues to Spew

Here's a review of his recent performance in Ventura County:

First off, why did Bush remain in that Sarasota classroom for seven minutes after he learned of the attacks? Why wasn't the Secret Service more excited, especially if the nation was under attack?

Further, the young Arab hijackers have been routinely characterized as devout Muslim extremists, but, in fact, several of them drank often, visited strip clubs, and Mohamed Atta even lived with a stripper for a while.

Oh for chrissakes, when will they drop Amanda Keller? And the rest of Griffin's "facts" are similarly long-debunked. Consider:

Did Cheney know about the Pentagon plane beforehand? Or was there even a plane? The FBI confiscated all 85 videos shot by witnesses. None has been returned.

None? What about the Citgo video? What about the Doubletree video? And the notion that there are really 85 videos out there is a misreading of the response the FBI gave to Judicial Watch.

And I have to laugh at this mis-characterization of the movement:

No one disputes the fact that, on 9/11, 19 hijackers — most of them Saudis — crashed three airplanes into the twin towers and the Pentagon, killing almost 3,000 innocent people. But to Griffin and the movement, explosives planted in the buildings beforehand actually brought down the twin towers, as well as Building 7.

Nonsense; many, perhaps most Truthers deny that a hijacked plane was crashed into the Pentagon, and few of them can discuss the hijacked planes without throwing "alleged Flight 11" and "alleged hijackers" into the conversation.

The reviewer starts to sympathize by the end; a more clear case of the Stockholm Syndrome cannot be imagined.

If we are the land of the free and the home of the brave, we should welcome such investigation. Such outlandish charges of an inside job should not be allowed to fester. Then again, suppose Griffin and his friends are onto something? Or suppose the conspiracy theorists are all a bunch of nuts, then why not prove it with an impartial investigation?

We had an investigation, one of the most expensive and detailed in history. The kooks will not be satisfied with another investigation that comes to the same conclusion (as it would). They demand an investigation that consists of believing fruitloops like Daniel Hopsicker, Rowland Morgan and Kee Dewdney.