Tuesday, April 01, 2008

If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

I suppose at this point I should not be, but I am continously amazed at the egocentricity of troofers. Another perfect example of this is this "open letter" posted on 9/11 Blogger from a college student:

My name is Christian Tutschka and I am a M.A. candidate in the International Relations and Environmental Policy (IREP) Program here at Boston University.

I believe Boston University is an illegitimate “university” or “institution of higher learning.” Beginning today I will suspend my participation in the IREP program at BU until I once again believe BU is a legitimate institution. The following will explain this decision:

She continues later:

My Experience: When sharing some of these ideas [on 9/11] with some Professors, I have been ignored, dismissed, and even reprimanded. This is incompatible with free, critical thought which is necessary for determining truth and serving society. Furthermore, I have witnessed statements and behaviors from Professors regarding these issues that have left me shocked and disappointed. Some statements contained such false understandings or flawed reasoning that the consequences could be described as dangerous given that these individuals are professional educators. As the list is long, I have not included it here, but I can provide it per request.

And finishes with:

If I am mistaken, and BU is indeed a legitimate “university,” I would like BU to explain to me how my reasoning is flawed.If I do not receive a response from Boston University regarding this letter, or this letter is dismissed or ridiculed in any way, I will consider this a violation of the role and purpose of a university. Furthermore, if I am dismissed from Boston University as a consequence of this letter and the decision stated in this letter, I will also consider this a violation of the role and purpose of a university and I will take appropriate action against Boston University.

Is this an April Fools thing, or does she honestly think the university gives a damn?