Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Live From the Wayne Movie Theater!

I don't care for Jon Gold, but I gotta give him some props here. He believes in his cause so much that he shelled out money for a movie theater, charged admission, and donated the proceeds to the FealGood Foundation. Not the net after he deducted what the theater cost him (which of course would end up zero), but all the money they collected. I'm actually a little surprised at the amount reported: $1,746. Nine showings, that's $200 each showing. Say they charged $10 a ticket, that's an average of 20 people per show.

I still cannot find any entry for the FealGood Foundation at GuideStar, or any of the other charity rating services, so I remain reluctant to endorse their group. But I will also say that I have yet to hear anything negative about them, and they have done some things for which we applaud them.