Monday, April 07, 2008

Metrics: Truth Week

Okay, with "Truth" Week starting in about 9 days (apparently the NY Times does its Bestseller List based on sales from Wednesday of one week to Tuesday of the next), I thought it might be good to take a snapshot of where The Shell Game is as of today, so we can compare things after the awesome and concentrated power of the Troofers boosts the book to the pinnacle.

First, no surprise, The Shell Game is not on the current NYT Bestseller List for hardcover fiction. According to Amazon, it's currently ranked #6,023 in books. Amazon will give us the first inkling as to whether "Truth" Week will be a success or not. Since the goal is to propel the book into the NY Times' Top Ten, I took a look at where the current #10 book resides on Amazon's list. Richard Price's Lush Life is currently #70 in Books. So we can see that Alten's book is going to need quite a boost in order to push it into the NYT's top ten.

The Waterboy Wonder checks in with a recommendation that Troofers use their rebate checks from the government. Of course you can probably see the fly in that ointment; you have to actually be working and paying taxes in order to get a rebate.