Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ron Paul's New Plan to Win the Presidency

I haven't been listening to much fruitloop radio lately, and so I listened to an hour of Hang 'Em High Kevin Barrett tonight. It's all about the upcoming Truther confab at Keene State, where apparently Daniel Hopsicker is one of the headliners. Barrett mentions that's a real "get"; apparently Hopsicker used to be too respectable to hang around with the controlled demolition nuts, heh.

Hopsicker, of course, is responsible for much of the goofball claims about Mohamed Atta living with a stripper and snorting cocaine. Of course, as we have pointed out a million times, the stripper in question (Amanda Keller) has long since admitted it was another guy named Mohamed she dated.

Barrett says that he may be announcing a run for Congress this year, and notes that he attended a local libertarian convention. Jackman, the junior guy at Student Scholars, expresses admiration for Mike Gravel, who's still in the race, but now as a libertarian himself.

But the real kicker was a Ron Paul ad. Some guy selling some Ron Paul products claims that Ron Paul could still win the election if you come to his website. I won't link it but he claims that they could steal enough delegates if they just get tricky like some of the nutbars in Minnesota:

There was controversy at Minnesota's 6th Congressional District Convention. The district covers part of the Twin Cities metro area and extends to the west and into nearby St. Cloud, Minn. Paul supporters were accused of dirty tricks.

"They hijacked the convention," said Jeff Johnson who serves as Minnesota's Senate District 15 co-chairman.

Two out of three national delegates elected were Ron Paul supporters and all three of the alternates supported Paul. After the election results were announced at the convention, they were immediately disputed when it was discovered that the candidates had agreed to support John McCain in pre-screening questions.

The usual nutty attempts by the Ronulans.