Thursday, April 03, 2008

Steven Jones: Survivalist

Steven Jones posts an update over on 911 Blogger. Apparently he is too busy to have the papers in his so-called journal properly edited, because he is busy stockpiling supplies for the end of the world:

6. I've been talking for many months about the importance of getting some food and water stored up, for three months at least! Better for longer, like a year. I've been asked -- where do you get cans of wheat, oats, rice, beans, etc?An easy and I think cost-effective way to do this (based on research by my daughter Danelle), is to go to this link

**************Order page from distribution center to have them send you boxes of already-canned food storage
For example,2 boxes (12 #10 cans) pinto beans (5.2 lbs per can =62.4 lbs.)

9 boxes (54 #10 cans) wheat (5.8 lbs per can = 313.2lbs)

Total price delivered anywhere in theU.S.: $248.60 as of 22 March 2008--plus tax in manystates. Delivered in 2-3 weeks

If you can find it cheaper (including delivery), pls let me know. In Utah, we can buy canned wheat, oats, beans etc. at some grocery stores, but I understand this is not common elsewhere. In any case, the prices above are competitive or better than the local stores anyway.

7. You should have some benefit for waking up to what is going on -- get that food storage NOW while you're thinking about it. Still not too expensive, food prices will probably rise later this year.

8. And please think of a "place of refuge" or two where you and family might go, should a nasty "event" take place in your city or near you. PRE-planning and preparation are much better than 20-20 hind-sight. We can get through this,

See you in camp! (j/k, I hope.)