Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WAC-Jobs Busted at Laura Bush Book Event

According to We Are Change:

Two of our We Are Change members Matt Lepacek and Gary were arrested tonight during the Laura Bush & Jenna Bush truth squad. Gary was physically assaulted by an unknown man. That unknown man was released, but Gary is still at the precinct awaiting charges. The charges are still unknown for Matt Lepacek. This is unlawful and outrageous.

Lepacek of course was the goofball who was busted for trespass when he was kicked out of a debate spin room in New Hampshire after haranguing a representative of Rudy Giuliani. This makes twice he's been arrested for his Truther activities, compared to how many times for Luke Rudkowski? Heck, even Luke's girlfriend Sabrina's been charged. Yo, Luke! You're slacking off. Matt's rapidly becoming the face of We Are Change.

Update: Forgot to give credit to Mikey Metz for finding this. Thanks, Mikey!