Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alex Jones: Punk'd!

Lol! Our old buddy Unsecured Coins from the JREF forum got on Alex Jones to rib him about the RFID chip claim. This came up a couple weeks ago. Unsecured had some official military paperwork with the acronym "RFID" featured on it prominently:

So he posted it at JREF with a note:

I'm getting chipped. I got selected for the 1% of combat troops in my Division to get one to monitor "stress patterns" for the upcoming deployment. I get to go to DACH next week for a simple 30 minute procedure to have this damn chip put in my right arm. So I have a date when it goes in, but no date when it comes out. I don't wanna say that is is for nefarious purposes but I don't see a reason to monitor my stress levels prior to a deployment I'm not going on until another 9-10 months.

Well, of course, it was all just a gag. RFID in this case means "Returned for Identification". He wasn't getting a microchip put in his arm. But I posted a link to the story and mentioned that while it was a little creepy it didn't surprise me entirely. Apparently Jason Bermas noticed our post and pointed it out to Alex Jones. As it happened, I was listening live to Alex that morning and just about fell out of my chair laughing. Jones noted that on the JREF thread, everybody was initially shocked, but then within a couple posts, we began to say, well, the military probably knows best, and it's probably just for Unsecured's benefit. Of course, that was part of the gag, because we knew it would fit Alex Jones' personal confirmation bias that we're all just sheeple who go along with what the government tells us.

Well, apparently Jones and Bermas have continued to talk about this story, and Unsecured has continued to set the hook more firmly. He posted a picture of his arm after the chip insertion:

So today Unsecured Coins called (see episode 11) into Alex's show to talk to him about his chip. Jones tries to ramble on about how UC doesn't believe that 9-11 was an inside job, that the marines didn't throw that puppy off a cliff, etc. Eventually he gets stopped dead in his tracks by a question from Unsecured.

"What I want to know is why you get worked up over something I made up?"

Jones sputters a bit about how Unsecured is a liar, just like his father, the Devil, and about how this was all a psy-op. Yeah, Alex, this was a psychological operation that took advantage of your nutty paranoia. And it worked like a charm!

Kudos to Unsecured Coins and everybody else that participated in the gag, especially JREF forum member Sabrina, who I believe originally came up with the idea. Great job by all concerned!