Friday, June 13, 2008

Banned At 9-11 Blogger

(IP edited for privacy reasons).

Well, this is news! I can see them banning me commenting; that's pretty typical for "Truther" sites, and I've actually been surprised that they allowed me to comment this long at 9-11 Blogger. But they won't even let me see their site!

Of course, there are ways around this, but I wonder if this isn't sending a message that the marginalized theories discussed over at 9-11 Blogger aren't worth exploring. Maybe it is time for me to focus more on the mainstream truthers: the no-planers, the CIT guys, the directed energy weapons crew. We spend far too much time on goofballs like Richard Gage and Steven Jones when there are serious researchers like Ace Baker and Judy Woods and Aldo Marquis whom nobody dares dispute their work.

Well, that no longer applies; consider me the Flagwaver Shill Planehugger Supreme. Coming up: Meet the No-Planers.