Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blair Quits?

Via 9/11 Blogger:

Day 17 of Blair's hunger strike for 9/11 Truth came and went with dozens of citizens stopping by to give Blair their thanks and appreciation for a selfless act dedicated to the Truth about 9/11. Alex Jones interviewed Blair and Senator Johnson today as well as Mike Rivero of and Jeff Farias from Nova M radio. Blair decided Day 17 would be his last day fasting for truth. His weight has dropped to 124 lbs from a normal of 155 lbs. Given the amount of press coverage, good or bad, generated from his hunger strike, the fantastic speech by Senator Johnson on the floor of the Arizona Senate and the apparent lack of concern by Senator McCain. Blair has decided that 17 days was enough. What better day than the 11th of the month?

The 4.6% set still holds on to the fantasy that they represent some sort of secret majority.

Email came from all over the country and globe. The people know about 9/11. The spell is wearing off. We may still be a silent majority, but we know. If anything is learned from this, it is the historical fact that one individual can make a difference and a contribution to better their city, their state and their world. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Oh please, in the photo accompanying the article there are 18 people. And this is the largest truther media event in years. There are over 4 million people in the Phoenix area alone, and some of these people came up from Tucson.