Friday, June 13, 2008

WAC-Jobs Continue to Disregard Laws

We Are Change is starting to show all the hallmarks of a criminal organization. We've talked in the past about how their members beat girls in wheelchairs, assault their fellow "Truthers", even members of the European Parliament. Now comes word from Denver that they've engaged in trespassing and peddling without a permit.

As I was giving a DVD to an interested person, this officer who gave me the ticket (I can’t quite make out his name) came up to me and told me that what we were doing was “peddling” and that we would all have to stop immediately. I said “I thought peddling was selling stuff” in an earnest question and inquiry into the law. I was not rude about it. He did not like being challenged and said again that we were peddling. I made it clear to him several times that we were not selling anything, but giving away the information for free. I asked him if he would be willing to say that we were peddling on tape and he told me he would not. I again asked him the question and he had had enough and told me to put my hands behind my back. I said “I’m being arrested?” and they slapped the cuffs on me. After he cuffed me and pulled me to the side off of the mall property. I have since researched the Denver Code 47-35:(Peddlers license required) and found that it does in fact apply only to people who are vendors or are selling things, as I thought.

There's a video of them dealing with the cops at the link; it's the usual "Well, I thought the constitution says..." crap from kids who've probably never read the constitution.

Hat Tip: Enigma at JREF. Good find!