Saturday, August 09, 2008

AE 9-11 Troofer Conference Call

I logged on precisely at 11:00 and found myself hearing that I was the only person on the call. WTF? So I redialed to make sure I hadn't got it wrong and this time I heard that there was one other person in the room. There was a boop, and another Troofer came on from Vegas, the two of them started talking about how much they loved being Troofers. The guy from Vegas claimed he was a Troofer as soon as the second plane hit, but another guy topped it by saying that he was a Troofer from the moment the explosions went off in the basement.

Gage didn't get on for like 10 minutes, and so the lines were open for general conversation. Troy was on and a couple other debunkers were on as well. Troy led with "How many of the hijackers are still alive", and one of the lunatics said that he thought they all were; after all, he's never seen a flight manifest with them on it. Troy or another one asked why they haven't taken their evidence to the cops, and it really got hilarious. One guy said he had, but he got put away for a year, and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. I remarked dryly, "Imagine that!" and it got even funnier as the Troofers all commiserated with the guy, seemingly indicating that such diagnoses are not uncommon.

Gage got on, and Troy or a guy in Chicago started shouting over him. (Correction, it was the guy in Chicago, not Troy). Gage suggested to a gal that she get on as a moderator and mute all the other callers. Then he realized that would mute him as well, and that he would have to be the moderator. This took some time and there was general chatter.

So we're a good 15 minutes or so into this fiasco, and I decided to call back and see what the current number of people was on this "massive" conference call. There were 23 participants at that point, of which at least four were not sympathetic to Gage and his kooks, and two were Gage and the gal working with him. So out of the entire country, 17 Troofers had called in to lend their support.

Gage claimed to have over 100 architects and engineers "in queue", waiting to have their credentials checked. After that he started launching into his spiel and it got old pretty quickly.

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