Saturday, August 09, 2008

Notes from the Real World

Time for some Euro-blogging. While I enjoy writting for the blog, it is also nice to get away from it for a while, away from the surreal world that is trutherism. I was having a couple of pints of the local brew the other night with a Russian economics professor and an American, both of whom identified themselves as libertarians (group consensus Ayn Rand good, Ron Paul idiot), but neither of them bought into any of the NWO theories, I was too embarassed to get into the subject any more.

So once again I still can't find any nutjobs in the real world, it is still just an Internet phenomenon, like Paris Hilton sex videos or e-mail spam.

Incidently, the Russians I have run into all seem to think that invading Georgia was a really bad idea. Call Alex Jones.