Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sticker Shock

Here's an update on Jason Robo, the Troofer who put several "9-11 Was An Inside Job" stickers inside a plane, and disrupted the flight.

Well known campus activist Jason Robo appeared in Boston court on August 19 in conjunction with three charges stemming from a July 30 arrest at Logan International Airport.

Robo, former Associated Students legislative vice president, was charged with disorderly conduct, interference with aircraft operation and disorderly conduct on a public conveyance. According to a press release issued by the Suffux County District Attorney's office, the charges arose after Robo's behavior on Delta Flight 1165 forced a plane evacuation and a three-hour delay.

He sounds like one of those Philadelphia lawyers the "Truth" Movement is rotten with:

While Robo denies most of the allegations against him, he would not give a direct statement on whether he was responsible for the placement of the stickers on Flight 1165.

"I cannot confirm or deny the stickers' origins," he said. "Nevertheless, in America, speech against the government does not make one into a criminal, thus suggesting that the government had a role in 9/11 does not warrant criminal prosecution."

Robo is currently facing three state charges. The lead charge of interference with aircraft operation carries a maximum sentence of six months and or a fine up to $500. A dismissal hearing has been set for Nov 26. Nevertheless, Robo believes the truth will come out.