Sunday, August 24, 2008

Troof Creep

Well, I am back from the Secret European Bilderberg conference. We finally decided who the next president is going to be. I can't tell you of course, but let me just say, Michelle Shouldn't be picking out any new drapes yet...

I was able to follow the blog on my PDA, but I am still trying to catch up to the nutters in general. One thing I was a bit surprised to see was how much attention was being given in the troof movement to the Russian invasion of Georgia, with over a dozen posts on 911 Blogger, and even more on Alex Jones' Prisonplanet.

I have always found it ironic that while the conspiracy theorists constantly claim that they are the victim of some neo-fascist police state trying to eliminate any opposition, they often support countries that actually are like this (paging Hugo Chavez).

In the numerous troofer articles I have seen on this, I have not seen single one, which did not take the side of Russia in this conflict, most of which uncritically accept the word of the Russian side, as portrayed in their press. Ironically, the troofers, who claim that the mainstream media can not be trusted, and that even such benign sources as Popular Mechanics are in fact fronts for the neo-facist state, uncritically accept such Russian media sources as the increasingly inaccurately named Pravda, which has accomplished the amazing feat of actually having a decrease in respectability since the days when it was merely the propaganda mouthpiece of the Soviet Communist Party. In the Reporters Without Frontiers survey of freedom of the press, Russia ranked a less-than-stellar 144 out of 169 countries. Just ask Anna Politkovskaya what happens to Russian reporters who criticize the government.

Also amazing is the complete lack of Russian conspiracy theories. Russia managed to invade Georgia with an army of over 60,000 soldiers, less than 2 days after the onset of conflict. Where are the claims of a Russian "false-flag" operation, which we are told is the cause of every military conflict on the modern era? Where is Alex Jones, claiming that Russia had secretly stationed 40,000 troops in "Uzbeakistan" months before the war started?

The most bizarre troofer post I have seen on this actually is a conspiracy theory, not involving Russia, but the US and the Jews (who else) by none other than the self-styled Tony Stark of the truth movement himself, Karl Schwarz. I found out about this article in an e-mail forward from Kevin "I swear I am not a Holocaust denier" Barrett, ironically.'s a hint to President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili ­ do not piss-off a Russian bear if you do not want to end up fighting it. Every other nation in that region of the world, including Armenia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have figured out they can trust the New Russia a hell of a lot more than they can trust the US or the Zionist zhids of Israel. Also, none of those nations consider themselves as 'European' nations.

Yeah, this is definitely a Georgie W. Bush plan that failed the moment he dreamed it up. Yet another very nasty, dirty diaper. More dead people, no secure pipeline. In fact, the only pipeline through Georgia and the only oil port and now piles of trash.

As a bit of an aside, Schwarz leaves no question of where he stands in the schema of anti-Semitism with this subsequent article on the subject.

As I explained in a recent article, the Russian word 'zhid' is many times worse than using the 'N' word for a Black in America.

Its literal meaning is along the lines of 'piece of shit Zionist Jew' - and NO the Russians do NOT apply the term to ALL Jews, and neither do I. Russians firmly differentiate between pious Jews of good heart and intent, and murderous lying deceitful Zionist thugs - who were, as we now know, directly responsible for a key role in the WWII suffering of their own alleged brethren. See the writings of the brave WWII Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl here:

They started using that word after about 30 million Russians had been slaughtered by Russian Zionist zhid communists and then lost another 20 million in World War II. Imagine that ­ 50 million dead at the hands of Zionist zhids...and yet they rant and whine like psychotic little bitches about 6 million they cannot document and about which they refuse all efforts to scientifically, academically investigate their claims about that number 'lost' in that alleged nightmare during WWII.

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