Thursday, August 07, 2008

WAC-Job Truther Jason Gerhard Sentenced to 20 Years in Brown Case

That's gotta hurt! His lawyer had requested a sentence of 7 years.

Discussion ongoing over at Quatloos.

More coverage here. Sounds like Gerhard got more time than sentencing guidelines recommended because he couldn't keep his dumbass mouth shut:

“This is a kangaroo court,” Gerhard said, when he was offered an opportunity to speak on his own behalf. “How could anyone with half a brain think of imprisoning me for exercising my constitutional rights?”

Kangaroo Court? I got a hunch Jason's cellmate is going to be bouncing up and down on him like a kangaroo.

Gerhart is a 9-11 Troofer and nutjob whose MySpace buddies include Alex Jones, We Are Change, and Luke Rudkowski. He participated and aided the Browns in their attempted standoff against the feds for income tax evasion.

Hat Tip to an emailer whose email I accidentally deleted. Sorry I can't give you credit, but thanks!

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