Friday, August 29, 2008

Well if Joe Biden Can Get Away With It...

Last week I commented about how Arabesque was discussing the "misinformation" of claiming there were no hijackers on the flight manifests, while simultaneously praising the research of David Ray Griffin and Michael Ruppert, who both use this argument in their work. Now apparently Arabesque was sufficiently embarrassed by this being pointed out to write another post on the subject, all without pointing out where this originated, of course.

In David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: The Myth and the Reality, he repeats the claim that, “[Their] names should be on the flight manifests. But the flight manifests that have been released contain neither the names of the alleged hijackers nor any other Arab names.”[4] As well, Michael C. Ruppert, citing Gary North wrote, “Another easy and non-debatable hole is with the passenger lists and the hijackers. Gary North, Ph.D. - a history professor… relied on lists published by CNN… Official reports state that there were only 19 hijackers. Second, none of listed passenger names are Arabic, Muslim… The government needs to provide an explanation for this glaring discrepancy.”[5]

I know, linking to a debunker blog would immediately lead to claims of "COINTELPRO" and denunciations of treason. I suppose I should at least commend Arabesque for taking the extremely rare step (in the troofer community) of actually looking at their evidence critically. Now just continue that to the rest of their stupid arguments.