Monday, September 08, 2008

Nuttier Than David Ray Griffin

One of the problems with dealing with the loons like DRG is that there's always somebody a little loonier who's battling with them, and making them look sensible by comparison. Check out Andrew Kornkven's theory:

According to his theory, there really were hijackers on the planes, but they were not Arab Muslims, or even Muslims of any sort. He also holds that relatives of victims did not actually report receiving cell phones calls. Instead, this claim was invented by the corporate media to trick the foreseen 9/11 truth movement into denying that the calls occurred, because the calls had revealed real truths that the government did not want to be known.

Got that? Neither do I; it takes a special kind of paranoia to make sense of that claim.

The rest of it is a muddle, which goes on for thousands of words. Kornkven seems to be criticizing DRG for validating the phone calls (which would indeed be news), while DRG assures us that he does not believe in them either.

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