Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poor Public Speakers

Now I watch these nitwits for the blog, not because I enjoy their eloquence, but Richard Gage has to be the worst public speaker I have ever seen. Obviously the only reason he has achieved prominence in the conspiracy community is his pretense to authority. Witness this rally he speaks at in San Francisco, in which he, among other things refers to the Afghan people as "Afghanistans".

But the award for the most jaw droppingly stupid line since Sophia's "clunkity clunk" comes 11 minutes in:

Not one floor is found in what we are told is a 110 story gravitational pancake collapse. There is a couple of 3 stories of structural steel, a pile, and aluminum cladding. There are no floors found at either of these twin towers. Where did they go? We're going to Denny's, we're looking for pancakes. We don't find any.

I think you should be going to a hospital looking for a mental health professional, personally.


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