Monday, November 10, 2008

Fabled Enemies Part IV

I skipped this part previously so here goes:

More on the Israel connection, from Fox News. J. Michael Springmann presents his considered opinion that most of the problems that the US is facing around the world are a direct result of our relationship with Israel. That may be his opinion; it does not happen to be mine.

Sibel Edmonds gets dredged up once again. Once again, she was a low-level translator for the FBI translating Turkish who joined the feds shortly after 9-11; how she got all the incredible information she claims to have about 9-11 is not explained.

Bermas repeats the $100,000 wire transfer story from ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmed to Mohamed Atta, claiming that this came immediately before the attacks. But it shouldn't take more than a moment to realize that makes no sense at all. What use would Atta have had for $100,000 in the last few days before the attacks?

That Pakistan was close with the Taliban (not Al Qaeda) is undeniable. So a lot of the saber-rattling that Bermas shows from Colin Powell and Joe Biden is completely unsurprising. Again, Bermas seems to think that Biden and Powell made these statements on TV and nobody noticed them. Ditto with the hecklivism by Luke Rudkowski; they are trying to confuse the issue of whether the ISI funded the Taliban (true) with whether they funded Mohamed Atta (almost certainly false).