Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fabled Enemies Part VII

We start out with James Woods, the actor who famously observed several Arabs behaving suspiciously on his flight from Boston to LA a few weeks before 9-11. Bermas follows with a non-sequitur, claiming that this is more evidence that the hijackers had intelligence ties. What?

Bermas follows with stuff about other targets. Apparently the governor of Maryland reported a phoned-in threat about other facilites in his state. Then we get "Angel is next", a claim that Air Force One was targeted. Never mind that this would explain the supposed mystery of why Bush stayed at Booker Elementary. And never mind that there is no evidence, seven years later that there were other targets other than (obviously) the Capitol Building, which was the most likely target of Flight 93 before it crashed.

We get the usual kook websites; World Net Daily is cited as a source for the terrorist threat against Air Force One. It's a step up from American Free Press, but only a small step. The E-4B gets mentioned again, as if there is some big mystery why the government would have a plane over Washington at 10:00 AM that day.

Then we get the mystery plane at the WTC. Of course this is the same one that the Journal of 9-11 Studies called the Flying Elephant in their first issue; they later had to retract the story.